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Flying club rules

1. No consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants will be allowed while on premises. 

2. No flying while under the influence of intoxicants. 

3. No flying will be allowed west of the line marked on the field approximately 20 yards out from the barriers. 

4. Pilots must be located on the flight line while flying, and must call out to other pilots when taking off, landing, or going on to the field for any reason. Be sure your call is acknowledged. 

5. It is impermissible to taxi back into the pit area. The engine must be stopped at the grass flight line barriers and the aircraft carried or towed back into the pits, to avoid possible injury to spectators, pilots or equipment in the pits.

6. Approved frequency flags and channel numbers shall be displayed on each transmitter antenna for 72mhz transmitters.

7. Clothespins with frequency numbers shall be used at all times on 72mhz transmitters. The correct numbered pin must be on your transmitter’s antenna before you turn your transmitter on. When removing the frequency pin from the box, your current membership card or your guest's AMA card must be put in its place. Failure to comply with these rules, causing damage to another members aircraft will be handled as follows.

  • 1st offense---offender must pay for damaged aircraft.

  • 2nd offense---offender must pay for damages and will be grounded until paid in full.

  • 3rd offense---offender must pay for damages and will be grounded for balance of the season.

8. Helicopters may be hovered in the northwest corner of the flying field. No trimming or hovering in or out of the pit area. All other helicopter flying shall be subject to flight line rules.

9. No flying shall be allowed in the area of the farmer while he is working. No flying while the field is being mowed. 

10. A specific pattern is to be flown when two or more planes are in the air at once, with the first turn being away from the flight line and pit area. I. E. North wind - right hand pattern, south wind - left hand pattern. 

11. Any mid-air responsibility is on the pilot not flying the pattern. 

12. In order to be fair to everyone, flight times should be limited to 15 minutes when two or more pilots are on the same frequency. Frequency pins are to be returned to the box promptly after flying. 

13. Pilots practicing for IMAC tournaments should limit their practice times to 15 minutes, to give others flight time, and try to fly when others aren't in the air. 

14. No low-level high-speed flights towards the pits are permitted. 

Field use rules: 

1. All active members shall have a valid AMA card, which will be presented to the club secretary for confirmation. No one will be allowed to fly without a valid AMA card. Sport fliers association card is not acceptable due to AMA insurance regulations. 

2. Any visiting pilot must be accompanied by a current member, and present a valid AMA card before flying. 

3. Yearly dues must be paid by march 1st. Member’s not in compliance will be dropped from the roster, and must re-apply as a new member. Junior members whose parent is an active member will not have to pay an initiation fee. 

4. All applicants for membership must have a valid AMA card. A probationary period of one year will be mandatory for all new members. In case of rejection, dues will be refunded. 

5. It is the duty of all members to enforce the rules. Any club member may give anyone a verbal notice of a rule violation. After issuing this warning he is to report the violation to the safety committee, who upon receipt will issue a warning letter. Upon receipt of three letters a member will be placed on non-flying status. Any member in violation can appear before the safety committee and the executive board to protest the letter. Failure to appear after three letters will result in termination and a refund of dues. 

6. Visitors will be asked to join the club after they have flown on two different occasions as a guest. 

7. Any additional fly-ins, swap meets, contests, etc, have to be approved by a majority of the club officers, including safety officers. 

8. The safety committee consists of four members appointed by the club officers. 

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